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   Estudios en Antropología Física   (Physical Anthropology Researchs)



EAF - PaleoAntropología (Physical Anthropology Researchs) web emerges as an initiative of a group of "physical anthropologists" (biological training and other scientists of different career paths) to publicize the knowledge area of Physical Anthropology: kind of researchs, opportunities and resources.

The main objective of EAF - PaleoAntropología is to increase research in Physical Anthropology field and research associated with it, being a support to other professionals in this specialty. It also offers services of Physical Anthropology, in its broadest sense, but with particular emphasis in the archeologycal field, the study of human skeletal remains exhumed in archaeological campaigns.

To achieve the set goals, it is the intention of EAF - PaleoAntropología generate an optimal site for the incorporation of professionals, as well as development of new platforms that will help investigations of excellence in physical anthropology (osteologycal, molecular .. .). The aim is to strengthen equally applied research, boosting the flow of knowledge gained in anthropology to other disciplines and vice versa.



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Estudios en Antropología Física